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SAS Entertainment Cinema is the biggest venture of SAS group of Industries. It is established with a motto of producing quality music videos, movies, advertising commercials, Tele serial, drama and short movies. It is managed by expert team of professional artists and technicians. We are affiliated to Film Development Board (FDB) established on 30 June 2000 by the Government of Nepal. According to the existed Motion Picture (Production, Exhibition and Distribution) Act amended on 20th November 1991.

SAS Group contributing on cinema production with dedicated team. Small movies, music videos, serial production, drama production and direction are some of our jobs. We have multimedia production house for editing and best equipment for shootings. We made hundreds of such video till this date. Such video production includes national and private level as well. We always welcome private and national level television and cable operator to work together in cinema production. Our aim to provide exciting movie videos for our valued customer.

We are affiliated to Film Development Board (FDB) established on 30 June 2000 by the Government of Nepal. According to the existed Motion Picture (Production, Exhibition and Distribution) Act amended on 20th November 1991.

Nepali Drama

भाउजुको ब्यथा भाउजुको ब्यथा एक्कल महिलाहरुले समाजमा भोग्नु परेको पिडाको प्रतिनिधि कथा हो । प्रस्तुत नाटकले एकल महिलाले भोग्नु परेको यथार्थ कथा प्रस्तुत गरेको छ । एक्कल महिला हुने बित्तिकै समाज को नजर उनिहरुको दैनिकी , उनिहरुको एकल महिलाको घर मा आउने पाहुना प्रती जुन नकारात्मक भावना देखाउछन त्यसैलाइ कलाकारहरुले नाटक भाउजुको ब्यथा मार्फत देखाउन खोजेका छन । त्यस्तै एक्कल महिला त्यस्माथि उत्पिडित महिला,गरिब निमुखा महिला, शारिरिक रुपमा अस्वस्थ र अनुहारमा असुन्दर महिलाहरुलाइ बोक्सिको आरोप लगाइ उनिहरु प्रती समाजले गर्ने नकरात्मक सोच र व्यवहार बिरुद्ध ज्वलन्त आवाज नाटक भाउजुको ब्यथा हो भन्न सकिन्छ । उक्त नाटकलाई निर्देशन ठण्ड बहादुर अधिकारि (सास)ले गर्नु भयको थियो भने लेखन चलचित्र निर्देशक बिश्वदीप घिमिरेको थियो। निर्देशन सल्लाहकारको रुपमा अनुभबी रङ्ग्कर्मी प्रल्हाद खरेलको रहेको छ । कलाकारहरुमा प्रल्हाद खरेल, विश्व दिप घिमिरे , मन्जु गिरि , शान्ती भट्टराई शशी सेखर बुढाथोकी ,अशोक पहरी ,प्रीती भुजेल ,पुर्णिमा थामी ,रुपा शाही को अभिनय रहेको थियो भने नाटक श्रीभा सन्चारको आयोजनामा गरिएको हो ।

Sas Adhikari : A Visionary Theater Director and Filmmaker

In the world of theater and filmmaking, where creativity and storytelling converge, Sas Adhikari has emerged as a distinguished luminary, wielding artistic prowess for over two decades. With an unwavering dedication to the craft and an insatiable passion for narrative exploration, Adhikari has carved a remarkable niche for himself as a theater director and filmmaker, leaving an indelible mark on both industries. As a theater director, Sas Adhikari’s work is a tapestry woven with threads of innovation and imagination. With a keen eye for the subtleties of human emotion and a deep understanding of the power of live performance, Adhikari has brought to life a multitude of captivating stories on the stage. His directorial finesse has not only entertained but also challenged and provoked audiences, fostering a deeper appreciation for the art of theater. In the realm of filmmaking, Sas Adhikari’s vision transcends boundaries, as he effortlessly transitions from the live stage to the cinematic screen. His cinematic creations are a testament to his storytelling acumen, as he skillfully crafts narratives that resonate with viewers on both an emotional and intellectual level. Through the lens of his camera, he explores the human experience, often shedding light on complex and thought-provoking themes. What sets Sas Adhikari apart is not only his longevity in the field but also his ability to adapt and evolve with the ever-changing dynamics of theater and cinema. He seamlessly blends tradition with innovation, breathing new life into classic tales while also pioneering new forms of artistic expression. Adhikari’s impact extends beyond his individual projects, as he has also contributed significantly to the growth and development of the theater and film industries. He has mentored and inspired emerging talents, nurturing the next generation of storytellers and visionaries. His influence can be seen in the emergence of fresh voices and innovative approaches within Nepali theater and cinema. In a world where the arts have the power to inspire, provoke, and transform, Sas Adhikari stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of creativity. His contributions to both theater and filmmaking have not only entertained but have also enriched the cultural fabric of Nepal. With over two decades of dedicated commitment, Sas Adhikari continues to be a beacon of artistic excellence, captivating audiences and leaving an indelible legacy in the realms of theater and cinema alike.

He has emerged as a distinguished luminary in theater and filmmaking over two decades, wielding creative and storytelling prowess with unwavering dedication and passion for narrative exploration. His influence can be seen in powerful voices and innovative approaches in Nepalese theater and cinema.

Some Glimps

The constitution of the Film Development Board was with the Government’s deep interest in development and promotion of motion picture sector in Nepal.

It has obviously created an environment of supporting for the promotion of differential aspect of motion picture in Nepal. The Board thus, is indeed a liaison to facilitate the conceptualization, making, distribution and exhibition of films in Nepal. It also attempts abridging the gap between the film entrepreneurship and the government processes. However, the Board is bound to take care of safety of the people and support to interest for the inspiring films of the common populace. The Board is in reality a balance among the people at large, government and the process of film making. It is therefore, the safeguard of the interest of people, watchdog of government and facilitator of filmmakers.


Nepal organizes kimff every year. Where we participant and find opportunity to show off our best works. kimff is an annual film festival organized by a non-profit organization, Himal Association based in Kathmandu. Every year in December, festival brings people together to discover extraordinary experiences through films from around the world.

It’s primary focus is to make our society a more intellectual, knowledgeable, conscious of various local, national and international issues through audio visual. In addition to film festival, kimff organizes workshop, seminars, exhibition, and takes the festival on the road to remote places to educate and to bring positive social change.

The 18th edition of the KIMFF was held virtually given the unprecedented and uncertain times due to Covid-19. Except few events were held at Film Development Board Nepal maintaining proper social distance along with other essentials.

Nepali Films Submitted for Oscar Award So Far!

The Academy Awards, popularly known as the Oscars, is the most famous and prestigious awards in the film industry. The awards are presented annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) as international recognition of excellence in cinematic achievements.

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