Sas Adhikari – Chairman

Dear friends, Namaste. I am SAS Adhikari, chairman of SAS Group. Being chairman of SAS companies is proud and challenging in every step. Running & owing multiple companies is not easy task. Running company is always unpredictable in business. Some business making profits and some are loosing. Running company needs very patient mindset and every-time seeking business opportunities.

In the field of such business you need lot more experience and partners to invest. Only united personal stands in this world of investment and business. Because only multiple mind makes more ideas and marketing deals. Running such huge business also need time and energy spent.

Managing every business with an executive is not enough, as an owner you have to manage yourself for smooth running of business. Managing staffs to their proper place, supplying raw material, fulfill customer demands, delivering and accounting properly. This is where I really focus and make proper solution.

For greatly managed business company our customer trust us. Company won multi-number of award in customer relation and quality service field. Motivated by awards company promise to deliver more quality business and product. We always looking for deliver quality product and service for your hard earned money and investment. Trust us we will serve you better. Thank you.