SAS Organic Agriculture Farm Pvt Ltd

SAS organic Agriculture Farm is our next venture solely focused on the agricultural activities with intention of cultivating cash bound crops and animal husbandry. It is in Duwagadi of Mechinagar Municipality, located in the eastern part of Nepal, i.e Jhapa District.

Agriculture, being the major profession in Nepal, we saw a tremendous potential in this business. SAS organic Agriculture Farm consists of Fishery, Poultry production, Pig Farming, Buffalo Farming and Dairy production.

Being a major source of protein and due to its delicious taste, Meat is one of the highest consumed food components all over Nepal. Also, the fact is, yearly Nepal is spending maximum money on buying meat products. And with our vision, if we can minimize the import of meat products and supply it all over Nepal, we would be more satisfied. Hence, we are more focused on Animal Husbandry.

Besides that, Nepal spends huge sum of money in purchasing fruit items from India and other countries, which was not so good for country like Nepal with very much fertile soil. So, we are planning to grow more fruit items such as banana, lemons, coconut etc.

Contact Detail:

SAS Organic Agriculture Farm Pvt Ltd.
Mechinagar Nagarpalika – 14 Duwagadi Jhapa